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She strode back and forth, in gracious strides, unguarded and relaxed. She looked right back at us, as if trying to figure out what kind of animals we were. Leopard Trails was hosting us at their luxury safari campsite for a night, and like royalty did they treat us.

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We noticed lanterns on either side of the dirt path while entering the campsite, and then the most romantic view greeted us. Lanterns were lit everywhere along the paths, some on the trees, and a bonfire had just begun to crackle. They handed us cold lemon grass scented towels to wipe the dust off our face and ushered us to our outdoor bar. Two deck chairs were placed to face the fire in the distance, separated from us by a small pond with frogs leaping from pebble to pebble. Dhanu, our guide from Leopard Trails, had graduated from the top university in Sri Lanka, with a degree in zoology.

While we sipped on our gin and limes, he told us how he got to be a safari guide. He had always loved the outdoors, and studied hard all throughout his childhood so he could pursue his passion in state-funded university.

That night over dinner, Lina and I shared some of our personal stories with each other. The food was delicious, the environment was beautiful, and the service from the Leopard trails staff was impeccable. There was little to fan any worries we had in our minds, and instead, we were filled with anticipation and excitement for our morning safari drive the next day.

We drove around the park, to different lakes and saw a tiny crocodile as well. You could sense our driver was motivated to show us the best parts of his playground, and perhaps find us that elephant before we left that day. He had been waiting for us all along! There he stood, twirling a bunch of leaves with the end of his trunk before placing into his mouth and taking satisfied munches. He seemed completely indifferent to the hoard of people who started to crowd around him. He would twirl a bunch of leaves, smacking off insects, dirt and sand, put them into his mouth and chewed, while he got the next bite ready.

Searching for Sophie

Elephants eat about kg worth of food everyday, and eat for roughly 20 hours a day, sleeping very little. I stood about 30 meters away from him, eating my coconut-filled pancake, and pretended we were having a picnic together.

When he got tired of leaves, he waded through the lake and had some water-weeds instead. When I was done with my coconut pancake, I moved on to some papaya. Bachelor elephants travel alone, until they decide to find a mate. I guess you could say Lina and I were one of the few lucky ones, who got to see 2 out of 3 big stars in Sri Lanka. Wilpattu is a good alternative to the hustle and bustle of Yala National Park, and there, we found passionate guides, extremely experienced drivers and beautiful sceneries.

Afterword: This story was written by Jane, a curious explorer who won a one-month's trip to scout out experiences in Sri Lanka with Seek Sophie. Contact us - guaranteed response within 1 hour. Newspaper Jan Mot n. Published in Newspaper Jan Mot n. Link to the essay in its Essays on Cultural Resistance, Subversion, and Diversion.

Originally published in Paris—Amsterdam Underground. Vom Umgang mit f Research project developed within the University of Amsterdam.

Searching For Sophie

Coordinators :Sophie Berrebi and De wereld in 18 lessen: Christopher Williams - Metropolis M. Originally published in Metropolis M, issue 2, February , pages Link to PDF here 1. This essay was originally published in Afterall issue 28, pages Link to PDF here It is not unusual for one artist to display admiration towards Curated by Sophie Berrebi This essay was originally published in Afterall issue 25, , pages On Photographing, Building and Stitching.

Interview with Berend Strik - Thixotropy. Originally published in the Journal of Visual Culture Vol. Originally Published in Simulacrum - Beyond the Horizon.

Reward Yourself

Volume 2. Summer Originally published in Metropolis M. Central Asia Pavilion. Documentary Evidence - Galerie chez Valentin.

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Curator: Sophie Berrebi. Social Sculpture - Ellen de Bruijne Projects. A group exhibition presenting works by Jean-Baptiste Ganne b. Originally Published in Papers of Surrealism. Link to PDF here. Originally published in Art History, vol 21 issue 1, February , pages Link to article here. Below is a preview of the article.

Jean Dubuffet, Rue