Guide Propaganda, the Press and Conflict: The Gulf War and Kosovo (Contemporary Security Studies)

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on THIRD WORLD WAR/Kosovo antecedents in GULF WAR [long 1991 essay with table of contents]
  1. The basic principles of War Propaganda
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  3. Apparatus of Lies
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I shall set up an email list for the course early on in the term, so that we can all communicate with each other quickly. I am always willing, like all members of faculty, to write references for every student on my courses. Please let me know if you would like to give my name as a referee. Supply me with any background information that might be useful in writing a reference, and keep me updated on your progress if you wish to use my name in future.

About War and the Media

If you have time, sample readings across the course. The first meeting will be late in the first week of term. Please consult the readings for Week 1 before then. During the course, any new information will be posted here. What are the relationships between social-scientific and biological understandings, and between strategic, international and sociological approaches?

The basic principles of War Propaganda

Anthony Storr, Human destructiveness: the roots of genocide and human cruelty, Routledge What has changed, and what hasn't, in world politics and society after the Cold War? What do postmodern and global perspectives have to offer? Martin Shaw ed. Politics and Globalisation: Knowledge, Ethics, Agency. Robin Luckham and Gordon White, eds.

Geoffrey Hawthorn, 'Pinochet: the politics', International Affairs, 75, 2, , Cambridge: Polity Korwa G. Adar, The Wilsonian conception of democracy and human rights: a retrospective and prospective , African Studies Quarterly 2, 2. Examine the continuities and discontinuities in contemporary warfare, concerning both forces in zones of conflict and of Western military power.

I shall try to make either an online or photo-copy available. William Walker, 'International nuclear relations after the Indian and Pakistani test explosions', International Affairs, 74, 3, , How should we evaluate the relationships in the ending of the Cold War between. Hunter ed. Cox, H. Friedman, M. Cox ed. London: Pinter, London: Verso, Mastny ed.

London: Pinter New York: St.

Martin's Press Ithaca: Cornell University Press, Mary Kaldor, M. The Imaginary War. Oxford: Blackwell and ed. Europe From Below. London: Verso V Tismaneanu, ed, In search of civil society: independent peace movements in the Soviet bloc, London: Routledge Discuss the pattern, causes and consequences of wars in the former Soviet Union, especially the Caucasus. How far are these phenomena of a specifically post-Soviet transformation, and how far can be we explain them in terms of forces also at work elsewhere? De Waal, Chechnya : a small victorious war, London: Pan Post-Soviet Armies Newsletter with email subscription list.

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Oxford: Oxford University Press, London: Routledge, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Craig N. Cambridge: Polity, Boston: Little, Volker Rittberger ed. What kinds of war have these been and what is their significance for our understanding of war in the contemporary world? P J Gow, ed. Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq, Sanctions Against Iraq: Background, Consequences, Strategies Part II: Explaining wars: power relations in zones of conflict 5 State fragmentation, ethnicity and new states MS What are the relationships in contemporary war between state fragmentation and formation, and the much-cited phenomenon of 'ethnic conflict'?

Examine with particular reference to Yugoslavia. Discuss what the Strebrenica massacre tells us about international intervention in Bosnia and other new wars.

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Apparatus of Lies

Allan, S. Palmer, L. Critical Studies in Media Communication. Boyd-Barrett, O. Journalism Studies. Alper, M. Herman, E. Vintage, London Sreedharan, C. In: Fowler-Watt, K. Journalism: New Challenges. Ray, V. Journalism: New Challenges Mellor, N. Wolfsfeld, G. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge [England] Thussu, D. SAGE, London Ignatieff, M. Moeller, S. Routledge, New York Shaw, M. Pinter, London Schechter, D. Webster, F. Routledge, London Mattelart, A. International General, New York Cohen, S.

Book Talk - Inside Terrorism ft. Prof. Bruce Hoffman and Peter Bergen

Constable Ericson, R. Open U. Fishman, M. University of Texas Press, Austin, Tex Gitlin, T.

New Releases

University of California Press, Berkeley American Sociological Review. Wahl-Jorgensen, K. Hackett, R. Thomas Hanitzsch: Situating peace journalism in journalism studies: A critical appraisal. Mortensen, M. London: Cassell. ISSN: ISSN: X. London: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. London: Routledge, pp. The Apocalypse in Film. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. The End of Journalism Version 2. Oxford: Peter Lang, pp. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. Edmunds: Abramis Academic, pp. Herman ed. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp.

Clarke, et al. Jean Baudrillard: Fatal Theories.