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Detailed experiments have been carried out and it is shown that the proposed schemes can improve the obfuscation level with small complexity overhead. Discussion about the strengths of the proposed mapping techniques and future research directions is also given.

He received his B.

Matching Theory for Wireless Networks

His research has been successfully supported by the Ohio Higher Education Department. He is currently serving on the editorial board of Microelectronics Journal. However, it is difficult to distribute quantum entanglement over a long distance in practice.

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A solution to this challenge is applying the scheme of quantum repeaters. In the reported literatures, the local operation and classical communication LOCC is considered as a free resource. However, the consumption of LOCC takes an important place with respect to time efficiency. Motivated by this observation; we consider a basic quantum repeater scheme that focuses on not only the optimal rate of entanglement-concentration but also the complexity of LOCC.

Contract Theory for Wireless Networks - Semantic Scholar

First, we consider the case where two different two-qubit pure states are initially distributed in the scenario. We construct a protocol with the optimal entanglement-concentration rate and less consumption of local operations and classical communication.

Second, we consider the case in which two general pure states are prepared and general measurements are allowed. We get an upper bound on the probability for a successful measurement operation to produce a maximally entangled state without any further local operations.

Hacking Into WPA and WPA2 Wireless Networks

Mississippi United States. Mohsen Guizani. Andrei Gurtov.


Ekram Hossain. Dijiang Huang. Arizona United States. Tara Javidi. California United States. George K. Adlen Ksentini. Phone Lin. Liangping Ma. Tommaso Melodia. Massachusetts United States. Andreas Molisch. Yi Qian. Lecture Topics 5G wireless networks Spectrum and energy efficient wireless network design Wireless network modeling and simulations Wireless security and network security Cyber security Vehicular networks Smart grid communication infrastructures Big data and cloud computing. Nebraska United States.

Tony Q. Giorgio Quer. Joel J. Walid Saad. Roberto Saracco. Gangxiang Shen.

Contract Theory for Wireless Networks

Suresh Subramaniam. Tarik Taleb. Andrea M. Lecture Topics Power line communications: from vehicular to smart grid applications Power line beyond communications: sensing and diagnostics for power networks The role of communications, sensing and computing in smart grids Filter bank modulation, waveforms and friends for wireless and wireline communications Multiple antenna radio localization: challenges, techniques and applications from smart cars to UAVs The role of communication, localization and control in UAV systems.

RangaRao Venkatesha Prasad. Cheng-Xiang Wang.

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