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Black sheep effect

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Chapter 8: Groups

Seller Inventory BBI Published by WB About this Item: WB, Seller Inventory U All text is legible and may contain extensive markings, highlighting, worn corners, folded pages, etc. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Used - Acceptable. Ex-library with wear and barcode page may have been removed. Provides an authoritative, up-to-date overview of the social psychology of group processes. Written by leading researchers from around the world to provide a classic and current overview of research as well as providing a description of future trends within the area.

Includes coverage of group decisions, juries, group remembering, roles, status, leadership, social identity and group membership, socialization, group performance, negotiation and bargaining, emotion and mood, computer-mediated communication, organizations and mental health. Essential reading for any serious scholar of group behavior.

Now available in full text online via xreferplus, the award-winning reference library on the web from xrefer. For more information, visit www. Reviews "This book convincingly shows how the study of groups, particularly the interface of inter-group and intra-group processes, implicates such cognitive and intra-personal foci as attitudes, prejudice, and social cognition. At last we have an integrated volume which returns social phenomena to the intersect of personal and inter-personal processes. This is, or should be, the essence of social psychology, and this volume articulately reminds us that we and our social context not our cognitive processes alone determine our behaviour.

Author Bios Michael A. Determinants of in-group and out-group perceptions of heterogeneity: An investigation of Sino- American stereotypes. Priming and Framing in Election Campaigns. Processing verbal and nonverbal social information cues: The appraisal of a televised political candidate. The effect of facial display on processing style in an impression formation task. Mood and impression formation. Specific issues, global ideology, and visual image: An interdependent model of candidate evaluation.

The role of affect in political information processing. Framing Effects. Effects of mood at exposure on subsequent judgments of a target person: A model of assimilation and contrast. Evaluating a political candidate: Does affect play a unique causal role?

Blackwell Handbook Social Psychology - AbeBooks

Metaphor and persuasion. Metaphor and persuasive communication. Happy faces elicit heuristic processing in a candidate evaluation task: A cognitive tuning account. Happy faces elicit heuristic processing in an impression formation task: A cognitive tuning account. California proposition A case of cultural conflict or national economic concern? Metaphor and persuasion: An affective resonance model. The effect of metaphor on processing style in a persuasion task: Two experiments.

The effect of affective cues on processing style. Exporting the affect as information approach: Processing effects elicited by facial display and figurative language. Presented at the Fourth Annual S. Affective cues and processing style: Beyond mood. Subjective culture and the workplace: Comparing Hispanic and mainstream naval recruits.

Metaphor and persuasive communication: The motivational resonance hypothesis. Perceived variability and modality within and between bounded social entities: A multi-factorial approach. Effects of a stereotype and personalized expectancy on memory for behaviors performed by a group member: The dual-coding hypothesis. Lafayette, IN, January, Memory for behaviors performed by a group member: The dual-coding hypothesis.

Presented at the Sixth Annual S. Conference, Chicago, IL, April, Does unconscious evaluation exist? Presented at the Annual S. Conference, St. Louis, MO, April, Moderation of the automatic evaluation effect. Emotion Concepts, facial expressions, and political judgment. Unconscious Evaluation: Previously known versus newly encountered attitude objects. Facial expressions and candidate evaluation.

Social cognition in organizational settings. Attitude formation and change in organizational settings. Spinos, A.

The effect of need, insistence, and benevolent sexism on interpreting helping. Psychological and Social Implications of September Presented at the Eighth Annual S. Deiger, M.

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Interest as a mediator in the motivational resonance model. Interpreting offers of help: The impact of need, insistence, and benevolent sexism. Concern or condescension: Sexism as a moderator in interpretations of cross-gender helping. Metaphor and persuasion: Examining the moderating role of effort. Role of sexism in the perception of helping behavior. Terrorism and heroism as seen by Islamic, Eastern, and Christian civilizations. R, Ottati, V. Should chivalry be dead? Interpretations of Chivalrous Helping Behavior. Affect and politics: Effects on judgment, processing, and information selection.

Correction effects in political judgment: The case of candidate evaluation. Political Cognitive Motivation Scale. Automatic evaluation of previously known and recently encountered attitude objects. Krumdick, N. Metaphors and persuasive communication: The cognitive coherence hypothesis. Affect, image, and candidate evaluation. Assimilation and contrast in candidate evaluation: Biases in the American voter. Social identity and global ethnic conflict. Social Cognition in a cultural context. Claypool, H. Effects of a group stereotype on memory for behaviors performed by a group member.

Religious hierarchy adherence, authoritarianism, and the distinction between hostile and benevolent sexism. Visual Cues and Stereotyping. Religious authoritarianism and right-wing authoritarianism: Implications for the study of sexism.

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Metaphor and persuasion: Effects on motivation and ability to engage in central processing. Political and Health Psychology. Physical attractiveness and impression formation: The moderating role of expertise and cognitive load. Lafayette, IN, November, Metaphor and persuasion: The role of cognitive coherence. A , Aalai, A. Affect, image, and the evaluation of a political candidate. Implicit religious communication: Effects on political attitudes.

Renstrom, R. The effects of metaphors on impression formation. Image and candidate evaluation. Political Psychology. Subtle religious cues: Effects in political communication. Metaphorical communication: The effects of figurative language on impression formation. Azadeh, A. Media depictions of the Vietnam and Iraq Wars. Debunking political stereotypes. Social Cognition. Kerr, A. Crisis intervention teams impact police encountering people with mental illness.

Candidates under fire: Pinpointing the most effective strategy for combating negative political attacks. The effects of person-entered communication styles on political candidate evaluation. Improving police officer response to persons with mental illness. Political orientation and need for cognition: Evidence that Moderates and Independents are two different birds.

Person-centered communications and political candidate evaluations: The Moderating roles of candidate gender and participant gender-schematicity.