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Thoughts . . . by Mark Rich

She taught literature for many years at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, and now writes full time. She is also an artist, working mainly in fabric and stained glass. Visit her at www. On Friday, November 19, p. COM , and the-phone-book. On Friday, December 3, p.

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Bujold is the author of over 20 books of fiction. Visit her website: www. FFI: Speculations: Eric, eheideman dhzone. Some action elements from earlier Pulp stories are reused in the crime novels. The locomotive eventually gets stuck in the snow on a pass in the Rocky Mountains, and the people on the train are cut off from civilization for three days.

Little Black Bag Comparison - Beck 1 Melissa Beck Professor...

Using numerous observations and experiences, the novel describes how individual persons prepare for the train journey while the snowstorm is approaching, as well as the journey itself and the catastrophe. The novel has no underlying continuous narrative thread, but is instead constructed from larger and smaller illustrations of impressions and actions on the part of the persons involved.

The combined narrative particles generate an overall impression that constantly changes, like the pictures in a kaleidoscope. While the reader is at first somewhat clueless, due to the diversity of the impressions and experiences, events intensify during the train journey around four persons:.

Awards Summary

Both Boyce and Greer have their eye on Joan Lundberg. Foreman supports Boyce, as he hates lesbians like Mona Greer. And Foreman decides to murder Greer. The novel is more of a mainstream novel than a crime novel. This diminishes the quality of the novel considerably. Sorority House is to an even greater extent more of a mainstream novel than a crime novel.

Life in the Eleusis Academy for Women, a college in a small provincial town in Pennsylvania, is presented in a socially critical manner. The head of the college is Dr. Mildred Matthewson, an old maid and historian, who tyrannizes and spies on both students and teaching staff. She is malicious, extortionate and scheming. Four female students and three teachers form the centre of events.

The four young women are accepted into to the sorority of the Lambs and enjoy the privilege of living in their house. They are Ann Riker, an aspiring writer, who is keen to suppress her lesbian inclinations, Kathryn Jackson, a stipendiary from the lower classes, who wishes to become a Latin teacher, Joy Squires, a beauty who embarks on a relationship with a young lecturer, and Clara Gwynn, a rather chubby student who develops a talent for mathematics.

Speculations Reading Series

The three lecturers are the young English teacher Jim Henschel, the journalism teacher James McGivern, a drinker, and the new, unapproachable mathematics teacher Dr. The entanglements that befall the students and lecturers are told in an exciting manner.

But the action only takes a turn towards becoming a crime novel from page During a dance party, arranged elaborately by the Lambs, Dr. Matthewson is found dead in the night, away from events, in the Mall. The police investigation, which commences immediately, establishes that the death was violent: it is murder. As the head of the college was not short of enemies, there are numerous suspects.

Some detection and dramatic action takes place on the last 25 pages. The solution is no surprise. From our current perspective the prejudices against lesbian love and against women who aspire to social mobility by means of an academic education are reactionary.

These prejudices become apparent above all at the end of the novel, which is not revealed. There is also an alarming empathy for a kind of self-justice. Finally, the different blurbs on both Lion Books falsify the content of the narrative by means of exaggeration, which I find annoying, and which does not do justice to the authors.

His wife Peg and son Val are run over and killed by a car in Chicago. The car is driven by contract killers who shot Dr. Emilio Hernandez, who was sitting on a bench, and then killed the two likely witnesses to the crime, Peg and Val, with their car. Hernandez had been granted political exile.

Short Science Fiction Collection 050 (FULL Audiobook)

Hernandez was obviously murdered because of his oppositional political activities. Life no longer has any meaning for Leslie Greene. The only thing that still interests him is the punishment of the murderers.


However, the police investigation is unsuccessful. Greene decides to travel to La Paz in order to kill the person who ordered the murders, General Serrano. He achieves this quite quickly, leading to the intended invitation to see General Serrano. It is arranged that he will paint a portrait of the dictator, who will model for the painting regularly.